Jade Dragon Cuisine



NO MSG is added to our cooking

17181 Redmond Way #700
Redmond, Washington 98052
Tel: (425) 883-1828 Fax: (425) 883-1838
Email:  jadedragoncuisine@hotmail.com

***Next to Blockbuster***

At Jade Dragon you'll find a variety of Chinese and Vietnamese favorites prepared with the utmost pride. 
There is absolutely    NO MSG used in any of our cooking!  We use the freshest vegetables, finest seafood
and the leanest meats we can find; so dine with confidence!!!  Every meal is guarantee to be fresh because
 we don't cook it until you order it!  Take comfort in knowing that our whole family eats here as well. 
We shop for only the best ingredients with the lowest fat.  Along with our dine-in and take-out services,
 we also offer delivery service, so you may experience the same great food in the comfort of your home.
  At Jade Dragon, we pride ourselves in making your dining experience one of your most memorable ones. 
We hope you enjoy your meal and we look forward to serving you again soon!

Maximum distance to be determined.
Minimum order required. 

Subject to change without notice.


From 520 East-bound, take the Redmond Way exit. Take a left at the first light onto
Redmond Way. Go under the underpass and through the second light. Take the next
immediate left into Creekside Crossing Strip Mall. We are in the middle of the mall,
between Confetti Junctions and Overlake Urgent Care.